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colin mcgaffin
Born in Iowa
26 days
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aunt wendy
So I guess today I've been reminiscing about you and jack when he was super young...only have a few memories but the one that sticks out the most was the day we took pics of allyou kids together. Ur mommy put u in jacks carseat w him toget a pic of you two together n u just cried...ur big cousin didn't know what to do. It was super cute...wish there were more n jack wud have gotten yourselves in so much wud have been great! Love you

The night I put you to bed, June 28th, 2009.

That night we had your godparents over to play cards and for some reason that night I just didn't want to share you. You stayed on my lap while we played, just as content as can be. Your brother and sisters smothered you with kisses like usual. I will never forget that night, you just stared at me and I knew you were saying I love you momma! Brendan picked out your pajamas for the night....your lime green monkey onsie. We all thought you were our little monkey!!! I am so sorry we didn't get any more nights after that. I remember laying you down and wanting to just stare at you, but I figured I would just do that when you woke up at 1:30........I miss you baby boy.

How happy and proud your mommy and daddy were when you were born.  The pictures from the hospital show proof.  Your brother and sisters love you so much.  They all wanted to be close to you and play with you all the time.  Colin, you are treasured just for being you.  You didn't have to do anything special or be spectacular.  You are loved just because you are Colin.  When mommy and daddy were putting the older kids to bed, I was holding you and you were screaming your head off.  I just walked back and forth, back and forth, really fast, and stuck the bink in your mouth.  Finally you stopped screaming at me and looked at me with those big eyes and I guess you realized that I was your gramma and so you didn't have to yell at me.  You started studying everything around you.  What intense eyes you have!  Don't worry, no one will ever forget you. Love always, Gramma 
I'll always treasure the mornings with you. Each morning you were ready to go at 5:30. It must have been because daddy was up for work and you wanted to say good bye. The few times we got to take morning walks were precious to me. You being my last baby ever, each second with you was treasured, even the 1 in the morning feedings. You forever have a huge piece of my heart with you and I take you with me everywhere I go each and every day. I love you! 
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